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Zealifi is proud to be a Relevant (Registered) Training Organisation, we stand by our name a 'Passion for Life' and instill this into all that we do. We are proud partners of the Hospitality industry and are committed to the belief that there are always better ways to move forward and with this a greater reward for all who step up.

Ian Griffin - The Entertrainer

As the founder of Zealifi and very proud owner, Ian is the passionate believer in putting the joy of professionalism back into service. With over thirty years’ experience as a chef, club and hotel manager and trainer. Ian’s passion for service is incomparable, from the West Indies to Cape York and many places in between. Ian’s inspiration and belief in the power of each individual is what maintains his belief ‘’there will always be a better way’’ and consequently a better result. Ian’s personal mission is to make a measurable change for our industry champions and improve the quality of our community.

Our Story - "What a Journey"

Zealfi's start was as 'Academy Hospitality Australia', it did not take us long to realise that our future did not lie in the hands of Academic learning (the theory) but should only be about the actual, the doing, the delivery and making an essential human difference in what we do!

As a destination Zealifi is all about belief, confidence, uniqueness, passion, remarkableness and eternally optimistic.

Our incredible team...

Our success and yours is built from the experience our team brings to team Zealifi

Mel Kinigalakis - The Concierge

Mel lives up to her job title 'The Concierge', she takes great care and pride in being your personal contact, fulfills any request and looks after your journey with us. Mel delights in providing regular engaging and friendly contact with all our Zealifi clients.

Kylie Hockings - The Engager

Kylie takes great pride in providing positive and attentive engagement in all her interactions. She is the friendly voice at the end of the phone when you call and the reassuring voice to ensure that your needs are met and satisfaction is achieved.

Patty White - Skills Coach

Patty, is one in a million, she brings and gives out sparkle and positivity to everyone she meets. Patty believes the impact she provides to our clients is of the upmost importance and commits to them becoming friends for life!

Nick Black - The Boffin

Nick is a big picture man. Nick is the innovator and pioneer in the digital space. He thrives on simplifying the complex, designing and developing systems out of left field. Nick is our resident developer working on websites, learning management system, apps, writing code and writing programs.

Narelle Davidson - Compliance Coach

Narelle's eye for detail is second to none and she successfully manages compliance requirements for a diverse client base. Legislative compliance is a passion that belongs to a few, but the few certainly includes Narelle.

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What Our Learners Have to Say

Ian our instructor was fantastic, friendly & very knowledgeable. He provided direct examples and information relating to each and everyone of our current work environments or situations. The Zealifi team are very passionate about what they do and very thorough with support before, during and after the course. I highly recommend using Zealifi for this and many other courses. Thanks again to Ian, Sue, Nick and team 🙂
Tim Ebbstein
Stapylton, QLD
I found Patty to be extremely professional yet very easily relatable and personable. She was most informative and entertaining at the same time. Patty's extensive Hospitality experience and expertise is most valuable & education - she delivers this information impressively. The fact that Patty is so personable and passionate really makes understanding all of the information much easier. I would highly recommend the Zealifi group for any training requirements.
Edwina, Woods
Goondawindi, QLD
Zealifi was my first point of contact for the RMLV course. Nicholas, Sue and Ian were the team I personally dealt with. From the initial enquiry to joining the course and final completion, I was impressed with the standard of service, the patience, the professionalism, the empathy, the follow up, the delivery. Wow, what a team. With so many different backgrounds and levels of management of the course participants in the ZOOM all day meeting, I was most impressed with Ian's delivery factoring in all our levels of understanding whether it was someone first time or repeat return for regulation requirements. It was delivered effortlessly with all participants involved equally. The session was informative , and Ian's industry knowledge is second to none. Well done and Thank you.
Crows Nest, QLD
This is the first time I've undertaken the RMLV course and it was one of the best training courses I've attended. Much of that credit should go to Patty for being such a fantastic trainer. Patty was informative, fun, engaging and made an otherwise dry topic very interesting. I would highly recommend Patty and Zealifi for anyone wishing to undertake hospitality training and would definitely return. Thanks again!
Palm Beach, QLD

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Australian Consulting and Training Solutions Pty Ltd. Trading as Academy Hospitality Australia and Zealifi. Registered Training Organisation provider number is 31709.