Customer Liaison Officer (CLO)

Gaming venues should have a Customer Liaison Officer (CLO) available during the approved gaming hours. If you are appointed the CLO for your workplace this is the course for YOU!  As the course will train you in the exclusions process (self-exclusion and venue-initiated exclusion), provide gambling help services information, reporting requirements to OLGR and the knowledge of the code of practice.

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Why do I need the QLD Customer Liaison Officer (CLO) course?

If you work in a gambling-related workplace such as a pub, hotel, club, resort or casinos etc., you are becoming the CLO in your workplace you need knowledge on the customer liaison officer roles and responsibilities, Queensland Responsible Gambling code of practice, legislation requirements and the exclusion process.  Our detailed and informative CLO online course will ensure you are well-equipped performing your role, be aware and trained in the exclusion process – self-exclusion and venue-initiated exclusion and have a sound understanding of your legal obligations. 

This course is perfect for anyone involved in gaming duties or tasks in the various gaming areas of the hospitality industry that needs to be trained in the Customer Liaison Officer (CLO) obligations. Our CLO online course is a detailed and informative course that will ensure you are aware of all your responsibilities and can perform the CLO role effectively.

The online CLO course will cover the following:

  • Assisting patrons with problem gambling
  • Dealing with patron’s assistance requests
  • Develop links with local counsellors and providing contact details to patrons
  •  Self Exclusion process and documentation
  • Venue initiated exclusion process and documentation
  • Removing/revoking exclusions
  • Signage requirements
  • Customer compliant resolutions
  • Exclusion compliance
  • Staff training and skills development

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You will need to access the following software and connections in order to experience the best online experience. Any device (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone).

  • Adobe Reader
  • Fast internet connection
  • Any current web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera etc.)
  • Speakers